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Story by Spc Franco
At the Stuttgart Body Building Invitational, both male and female competitors came from all over Europe to show their stuff. Specialist Nathan Franco tells us more.
Story by Spc Franco
Moving can be a stressful time for a family, but for the newest members of the Stuttgart community, their transition has just been made easier. SPC Nathan Franco shows us how.
Story by Sgt Knutson
After having a successful commanding time, Major General Brad Webb steps down as SOCEUR’s number 1. Army SGT Reed Knutson has more.
Story by Sgt Knutson
During the many summer months, you can find many different units have picnics or getting together for a round of golf. For AFRICOM, they put together an Olympic event. Army Sergeant Reed Knutson has more.
Story by Sgt Matt Kuzara
Life always offers us a chance to grow. We of course grow physically, but it’s emotional growth that changes throughout our lives. SGT Matt Kuzara shows us how the nation of Estonia is marking a new beginning in how it cares for the continued growth of those who have lost a piece of themselves.
Story by SSG Jelle
The realities in Eastern Europe are showing that preparedness is the best weapon for NATO and her partnered nations. SSG Chris Jelle takes us to Garmisch, Germany to show us what steps are being put forth to show strength in these times of uncertainty.
Story by SSG Jelle
The European Security Seminar in Garmisch, Germany was the perfect opportunity for National Guard leaders to meet up with their European counterparts in the Sate Partnership Program. SSG Christopher Jelle tells us more.
Story by Sgt Knutson
Throughout the summer there are many activities provided to children within the garrison. But for some of the children, they were able to experience a summer camp that helped instill basic corps values, but was fun at the same time.

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